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Your vacation is important. Trust it with the experts.

Funjet Vacations has been around since 1974, so we know more than a little about what makes a great vacation. Want to know the secret? The best vacations are more than just the combination of a flight and hotel—they’re about who you’re with and what you experience together, whether your definition of “fun” means swimming with sharks, or spa treatments every day.


Apple Vacations

America's Favorite Vacation Company

More than just a room and a great price, we are pleased to offer Exceptional Values at many of the hotels we offer. Take advantage of a variety of added values such as room upgrades, golf discounts, free weddings, and more! Can't decide on which hotel is right for you? Take if from fellow vacationers who have been there. Our Golden Apple hotels are Apple Vacationers' favorites, based on post-vacation survey results.




Simply put, a tour is a perfectly planned vacation package.

There's nothing easy about planning a vacation - the research, the planning, the reservations, the logistics. Add in currency conversions and language barriers and you have one major project on your hands. A tour handles all the hassles, while you have all the fun.

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Collette is more than just a tour company. Collette tours and vacations are one-of-a-kind. Visit us and discover our collection of amazing travel destinations

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Amstar dmc is a division of the Apple Leisure Group (ALG)—the leading seller of all-inclusive vacation packages in the U.S. and number one worldwide in the sales of leisure travel packages to Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. As the only hospitality company in the United States possessing a vertically integrated business model, ALG holds a unique niche in the U.S. travel industry. The group’s robust infrastructure leverages the expertise of six industry innovators to deliver exceptional value and inspired luxury to discerning travelers.

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Travel Ex

Travel protection plans can include coverage for Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Emergency Medical and Emergency Evacuation/Repatriation, Trip Delay, Baggage Delay and more.

Travel Ex Insurance Quote

Travel Ex Insurance Quote


Invisible Alignment

There are various ways to correct crooked or crowded teeth without the use of traditional braces.

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Night and Snore Guards

Excessive jaw clenching and bruxism can accelerate tooth and jaw deterioration. Meanwhile, snoring can impact the quality of your own sleep and that of those around you.

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Periodontal Maintenance

Among the causes for periodontal (gum) disease are genetic susceptibility, smoking, and other illnesses like diabetes. Periodontal maintenance involves removing plaque and tartar from above and below the gumline.

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Professional teeth whitening is faster, more effective, and longer lasting that treatments you find over the counter.

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