Terry Aebischer

Tanya Clark
In-House Travel Assistant

Dave Kronk
In-House Travel Specialist

Gary Moenster
In-House Travel Specialist

Terri Lynn Walter
In-House Travel Specialist

Karen Rehkemper
In-House Travel Specialist

Kelly Roberts
In-House Travel Specialist

Bonnie Boushard
In-House Travel Specialist


Lynn Pfister
Remote Travel Specialist
Based in Highland, Illinois

Sarah Henschen
Remote Travel Specialist
Based in Highland, Illinois

Janet Boyce
Remote Travel Specialist
Based in Marine, Illinois

Jdeanna Twesten
Remote Travel Specialist
Based in Edwardsville, Illinois

Dee Berry
Remote Travel Specialist
Based in Maryville, Illinois

Sue Weiss
Remote Travel Specialist
Based in Phoenix, Arizona

Janet O'Donnell
Remote Travel Specialist
Based in Collinsville, Illinois

Amber Kapp
Remote Travel Specialist
Based in Pocahontas, Illinois

Shari Kruse
Remote Travel Specialist
Based in St. Jacob, Illinois

Lynn Combs
Remote Travel Specialist
Based in Nashville, Illinois

Cindy Gall
Remote Travel Specialist
Based in Tampa and Highland, IL

Reid Aebischer
L&R Travel One
Based in Dallas, TX

Lauren Aebischer-Tran
L&R Travel One
Based in Dallas, TX

Travel One, Inc. was originally incorporated in the state of Delaware as American Eagle Travel, Inc. in July of 1982. The company was started by American Eagle Bank Corporation formerly known as the Farmers and Merchants Bank of Highland, Illinois and Mr. & Mrs. Steve and Terry Aebischer of Highland, Illinois. Mrs. Terry Aebischer, who received her travel agency experience through Ask Mr. Foster Travel Agency in St. Louis, became the operational manager for the agency. 

From 1982 through 1985, American Eagle expanded its operations to Collinsville, Nashville, Sparta and Rantoul Illinois. In the fall of 1985, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation recommended that the American Eagle Holding Company divest its interest in its non-banking operations. In May of 1986, the portion of ownership which the Holding Company held in the travel agency was sold to Mr.& Mrs. Steve and Terry Aebischer, Mr. & Mrs. Edward and Jeanette Moenster and Mr. & Mrs. Ray and Gladys Potthast. AT the time of purchase the agency's name was changed to Travel One, Inc. and incorporated in the state of Illinois. 

Under its new ownership Travel One, Inc. chose to reduce its size so that it could better render personal touch services to business and individual clients. At that time Travel One discontinued operations in all communities except Highland and Collinsville. The Collinsville location was closed at a later date. 

The President of Travel One, Inc., Mrs. Terry Aebischer has been the manager of operations since its inception. With her steadfast belief in the purpose and financial success of the agency, Terry has guided it through its turbulent infancy to a position of financial stability. Travel One's goal is to serve the public (both business and individual) by providing travel and recreational arrangements commensurate with the economic and personal taste of the client.