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Once in a lifetime Honeymoon

Here is where you have to fight the urge to be cheap. Remember that this is the one time in your life that you're going on a honeymoon, and it should be spectacular. Remember Romance, Relaxation, Adventure, Paradise and Pleasure. Spend some time on reading about great locations, great tips, great places and decide where you should go to have the best time ever! As the groom this becomes your task, and we want to remind you to:

  • In order to pick a honeymoon that is important to both of you, create a list that helps you understand what you both want out of this adventure and trip of a lifetime. Do you want ocean front villas, does TV matter, do you want a butler, your own private plunge pool, do you want nightlife, tours, sightseeing, water sports, golf and anything else you need to know to PICK where you want to visit! The more you know about you both want, the better you will be at choosing a location that will make you both happy. For examples of a wish list, please see our honeymoon wishlist under "Honeymoon Tips"

Click here for some great destinations

Click here for some great destinations

Ten Great Honeymoon Planning Tips

Planning your honeymoon should be exciting and stress free, so you'll want to work with a Honeymoon Travel specialist to make sure everything goes perfectly. Here are our top ten honeymoon planning tips from romance travel expert Nancy Barkley, of

10. When should I start planning my honeymoon?  The sooner the better. Your travel agent wants to make your honeymoon perfect, so they'll work as long it takes to achieve that. Planning ahead allows time to budget accordingly and get the necessary documents together.

9. Have an idea of your Geography.  Yes, Seychelles, Maldives and Fiji are amazing honeymoon destinations, but not if you have only one week for your honeymoon. Picking an exotic location is ideal if you have enough travel time and don’t mind long flights. Some locations require over a day's traveling time and you will need to adjust to a time difference.

8. Know your budget.  Airline fares play a significant role when planning your budget.  If you are a frequent traveler, save your mileage and try to use your accumulated mile points. Many credit cards also offer airline mileage awards that may assist you as well.

7. When do you want to leave?  If you are getting married on a Saturday, you may want to rethink traveling the next day, especially when traveling to the Caribbean as most flights leave in the morning. Also, the month that you marry may affect your destination choice due to Mother Nature. You don't want to honeymoon in the Caribbean at the height of hurricane season!

6. What type of honeymoon are you looking for?  Discuss with your fiancé exactly what is most important for you to experience while on your honeymoon: Adventure, relaxation, touring, a little of everything? Communication is the key! Once you have some general ideas, discuss them with your travel agent who will provide optionsof where to go and stay.

5. What kind of resort are you looking for? All-inclusive? Would you like adult-only? Many resorts offer all-inclusive options, allowing you to know ahead of time exactly how much you are going to spend. Some resorts go one step further and include excursions or catamaran sailings with their all-inclusive packages. Adult-only resorts are a great choice for your honeymoon. Some family oriented resorts may also offer an adults-only section. If you choose a hotel that isn't all-inclusive and you're on a tight budget, many resorts have menus on their website so you can get a general idea of what you might spend on meals.

4. Does the hotel offer anything special because it is our honeymoon?  Many resorts offer amazing honeymoon packages that can be purchased for a certain amount or are complimentary when booking a certain room category with minimum nights. The packages can include a romantic dinner on the beach, complimentary massages, breakfast in bed, free anniversary stays and many more. Your travel agent will be able to advise you on packages as well as price points and room categories that could include such benefits.

3. What kind of deposit do I need?  When is final payment due? When do I need to pay? Most tour companies that travel agents utilize only require a minimum deposit with final payment, usually due 45 days prior to departure. Ask your travel agent about payment plans should you need one. Airlines dictate the rules for the payment of airline tickets. Most require full payment within 24 hours of making the reservation.

2. Do I need a Visa, do I need vaccinations?  Some destinations do require Visas; your travel professional will be able to advise you of that requirement and assist in obtaining them. Also important is what type of passport you are traveling under, as many countries now require passports valid 6 months after entering country. If you're traveling to an exotic destination, it's best to confirm with your doctor if they suggest vaccinations for travel in those regions.

1. I don’t need insurance, this is my honeymoon and I will never cancel.  There are hundreds of circumstances that could cause you to cancel your trip, return home early or force you to seek emergency medical treatment while traveling. Travel Insurance provides protection for your travel investment in case an unfortunate situation arises, such as sickness, bad weather, or civil unrest at your planned destination; just to name a few that one may find themselves in when they plan to travel domestically or abroad. Some health plans, Medicare and Medicare supplements may offer little or no medical coverage outside the United States. Cruise evacuations can be costly and may cost over $100,000. This could be financially devastating for many travelers.  Travel insurance also provides the peace of mind that you are not alone when you are really in need.